Flags Over Maine Streets - Community Pride Through Patriotic Spirit
To Build Community Strength Through Participation In Sponsored Activities That Improves Community Pride And Patriotic Spirit.
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                                About Us...
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All Started   
   On July 9,2009 Ramsdell/Rogers American Legion Post 56
 presents to Michael A. Little a donation to Flags Over Maine Streets,
also donating to Flags Over Maine Streets.
The International Woman's Club of New England
located in Cape Neddick, Maine
On November 10, 2009 A partnership in community between the American Legion Post 56 and Flags Over Maine Streets was formed. Working as partners in Community Strength and Patriotic Spirit, Flags became a non-profit organization with their help!
Thank you Post 56!
      This company was formed on behalf of the men and women of the United States armed forces and to Honor the Memory of those who have given all in honor of our country.
      Brothers in arms, my son, SPC. Kyle Andrew Little & SGT. Blake C. Stephens both K.I.A. in Iraq on May 8,2007 during Operation Iraqi Freedom, are among the many husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, brothers & sisters whom we owe our freedoms to, and let us not forget also, those who sacrificed their freedoms by receiving lifelong injuries like Kyles and Blakes best of friend, U.S. Army SPC. Saul Martinez. 
      Flags Over Maine Streets is dedicated to giving back to the very communities that our loved ones have defended.
      Proceeds from all sales go back to the community in which the flags are purchased for, therefor, helping support the men, women & children of your soldiers home town.
Flags Over Maine Streets originated in York, Maine.  Every sale in York benefits the town of York. Should a series of flags be ordered from YOUR town, Flags Over Maine Streets will donate to YOUR town all the sales proceeds,on your behalf.
      Sound too good to be true? Perhaps, but it is true.  This is a small Internet company with very little overhead.  We buy in large enough quantity to keep the costs low, yet small enough quantity not to have to store merchandise in warehouses.  This is a direct savings and is what we convert into donations for your community.
      Here is an example of Flags Over Maine Streets in action:
      The town of York Maine has in its school district, a learning community and program called, Odyssey of the Mind(O.o.t.M.)  This group of students ranging from Kindergarten  through high school, competes in a state-wide tournament where the students perform creative solutions to proposed problems. This program is self supporting and raises monies for those students who qualify to go on to international competitions.  A recent fund raiser is scheduled by O.o.t.M. in conjunction with Flags Over Maine Streets.  A field of flags will be set up in town for display on Armed Forces Day weekend.  O.o.t.M. is selling stick flags for $3.00 each.  Each flag will be displayed at the field of flags for the entire weekend and then collected, passed back to the children who bought them, so that they can bring the flags to the Memorial Day parade the next weekend.  Anyone who would like to buy a flag for a child not able to buy their own flag. may do so also.  This will bring "Community Pride Through Patriotic Spirit" (our mission statement).  This activity will generate somewhere around $450.00.  For every flag sold, Flags Over Maine Streets will donate to York O.o.t.M. 0.70 cents.
      There is always a lower price somewhere and there is always a better quality product, but, there is no other business that donates ALL SALES proceeds back to its customers.  I have no payroll, and keep a minimum of costs such as this website, book keeping and postage.  Advertising costs should go down as this website gets more traffic.  The best form of advertising is by word of mouth.  So, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.
                                                                Thank You,
                                                                         Michael A. Little
                                                                         Founder/Gold Star Father
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